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Hello friends & my apologies for our long silence ~ it has been quite an eventful month! Briefly, since I last wrote:

• The kids & I settled into a cozy “school” routine & a more residential life in NYC with Chris, taking advantage of all kinds of cool urban educational resources & getting to know our Lower East Side neighborhood even better.
• Two weeks later, Chris, still unresolved in his work situation, flew west for a much-needed break with 10 college friends for their annual long ski weekend.
• The kids & I set off for a “warm-up lap” in Clementine, staying in the vicinity, so as to return to NYC when Chris did.
• We enjoyed the loving hospitality of our good friends, the Gibsons, in Princeton NJ, finally taking our schooling on the road & “meeting” several trees in the area.
• We then set off to Gettysburg PA & stopped for lunch at my high school friend, Scott Montgomery’s house outside Philadelphia.
• Upon arrival, I unwisely parked the bus on Scott’s very steep driveway, Finn & I jumped out, whereupon the handbrake failed & Clementine rolled a terrifyingly long 200 feet into the even steeper & densely wooded backyard with Lucia & Amelia inside! Miraculously, the bus dodged every tree & found the only possible soft-landing, in a pile of stones & dirt around the neighbor’s pond~~
• Lucia, incredibly, leapt safely from the bus halfway down, while Amelia, still in the way back, “surfed” her to the bottom, neither of them sustaining even a scratch…

• Amazingly, Clementine is also relatively damage-free & her repairs, approved & begun days later, are completely covered by insurance.
• The bus was impressively extracted the following day, up a long swath Scott heroically chain-sawed through his landscaping & we rented a car & were home by the time Chris landed.

There are, of course, many details left out here. Our gratitude that tragedy was averted that day is beyond words. May it suffice to say, that this accident is a powerfully humbling reminder that absolutely nothing is worth worrying about, when our loved ones are safe! May you hug yours close!

I chide myself as I write “We plan to re-launch our adventure as soon as Clementine is returned to us.” Lol ~ old habits clearly die hard, but we do intend to get back on this proverbial horse & are as interested as anyone to see what happens next!

Thank you all for your friendship & support during this challenging time ~ it means the world to us!




  • Wow what an adventure.Sarah you are very brave and optomistic.Glad you are all Okay. At school we miss the kids dearly.The girls would have had art and this semester seems to be going very well. i am delighted that their are stepping up to the plate and we are enjoying each other each day.Finns class is enjoying some clay projects and we are missing his input. I do love my trees and especially all forms of birch. My favorite are the river birch which i planted 100 of on my property. Keep us posted and please be safe. All my love and prayers…Stephanie Sareyani

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