About Sarah Sherwood

Sarah Sherwood is a New Yorker and mother of five, who lives a large, creative, intuitive life, deeply connected to her family and far flung community.  A woman of passion, empathy, optimism & energy, Sarah has been coaching all her life. Providing balance and keeping extremely fit have been essential factors in her successful life partnership of 25+ years with her husband, Chris Mulligan, an entrepreneurial investment banker, hands-on father and Ironman triathlete.

Sarah has traded foreign exchange options, was COO of a momentarily spectacular software development company and has been a freelance writer for a variety of high-tech, PR and marketing companies. Before motherhood, Sarah enjoyed driving motorcycles at high speed, jumping from airplanes and scuba diving.  A lifelong fitness enthusiast and gym rat, she is now a dedicated devotee of Bikram hot yoga, skurfing and the Yoshida Method!

An artist, Sarah has had the satisfying experience of selling her photography and artwork in shops and galleries here and in the UK, as well as having her writing published in several magazines. In keeping with her strong beliefs about the importance of ritual, Sarah has designed and orchestrated dozens of ceremonies for friends and family including weddings, naming ceremonies and other rites of passage.

Sarah gave birth to 5 children in 7 years, during which time she encouraged her husband to join a risky start-up and coached him through their unforgettable ride together on the dot-com rollercoaster! After the bubble burst and the towers fell, the Sherwood/Mulligans regrouped and hatched a plan for a yearlong sabbatical abroad, where Sarah would write and Chris would fulfill a lifelong dream of building a wooden boat.

And that’s just what they did. Sarah’s pre-blog-era “Sherwood/Mulligan Adventure Newsletter,” chronicled the family’s magical adventures during what turned out to be two years of living and falling in love with a tiny seaside village in SW England.

The family sails “Hawkeye,” the Herroshoff 12½ sailboat Chris began that year, out of Dering Harbor on Shelter Island, where the family now resides.

Not A Dress Rehearsal

was launched officially in the summer of 2004 as a professional life coaching practice, in which Sarah works with a small number of highly motivated individuals in the US and abroad, who are especially keen to take their lives to the next level. Sarah divides her time between Shelter Island and the Lower East Side of Manhattan.