Sarah's Raves

Sarah helped me to see my blind spots and that greatly eased my mind and pointed me in the right direction. Without exception, whenever I consulted with her, I came out clearer, happier and more focused. The other piece that is unique to Sarah is that whenever I was in distress, without fail she always helped me to re-frame my experience to see a truer, and more hopeful picture of the situation. It is with deep gratitude that I give her my highest recommendation.

Anne NicholasNew York, NY

Sarah has been a a source of great support and has been instrumental in helping me make the transition from my life as a commercial photographer in the UK, to becoming a fine artist/photographer living in the US. She has helped me work out what I really want out of life, how to get it and has been there every step of the way. I will be eternally grateful for her straightforward, practical and instinctive nature and the passion with which she communicates it. Worth every cent or penny!

Francesca YorkeLondon & Santa Fe, NM

Sarah is my hero. She coached me through a very difficult time in my life. Together we made a plan and I was able to move forward and create two more years of success in a career that I thought was finished. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life, their career or their relationship.

Leigh FinnerNew York, NY

The “work” that Sarah & I did together was invaluable in refreshing my view of my world of work/career and personal growth & happiness. Sustainable techniques that I still use to this day beyond our formal coaching. Authentic. Very real. Very worthwhile. Life changing.

Kelly AndrewsNew York, NY

In our first session Sarah said “shift happens”….and that it does! Her coaching re-framed my “stuck” places, offering new perspective and fresh possibility. Working with her has been deeply gratifying.

Heidi FokineShelter Island, NY

Positive energy, results oriented with eye for both short term and long term goals. Great value, cuts through the muck, allowing clarity and change to manifest on a weekly basis. Highly recommended!

Susan FrohRochester, NY

I feel proactive about my life, which is a huge difference from where I was when we started coaching. I have explored creating life, the creative process, communication in relationships, historical family dynamics, financial empowerment, law of attraction, as well as other concepts. I am less hard on myself & fatalistic about my circumstances. Sarah’s multilayered process evaluates and encourages me on a creative, spiritual, emotional, financial, personal & professional level. Sarah has broadened and deepened my understanding of every topic that I have raised in our sessions.

Marcia DeGeerBoston, MA

As a result of working with Sarah Sherwood, my life coach, I have come to the realization that success comes from deep within oneself. As a life coach, Sarah Sherwood, guides her client’s through the process of going deep in order to obtain one’s wants.

Marie ManuellaShelter Island, NY

Sarah’s a great listener–her coaching philosophy truly is “life is not a dress rehearsal”. Working with her helped me make bold changes courageously.

Kim NobleProvidence, RI

I have utilized Sarah as a facilitator of change for 1.5 years. I had long dreamt of sailing around the world but never seemed to be able to leave my office. Working with Sarah opened me up to the possibility and eventual reality of living my dream. I have since earned my Yachtmaster Certification and logged 5000+ sailing miles in the US, Canada, England, France, the Netherlands and Spain. I am now in the Canary Islands preparing to cross the Atlantic on a sailboat. With Sarah’s help, my life has become truly awesome! Thank you Sarah!!!!!!

Lisa DorenfestNew York, NY